“Rebekah worked with us to design the perfect PV system for our situation. She was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. We are very happy with our system!”

- Kim Y.

Purchased: 12.6kw Roof mount, REC modules and Sunny Boy inverters

“In 2008 Rebekah Carpenter (Finger Lakes Renewable) designed and installed our first set of solar panels. As we live on Seneca Lake and our home is surrounded by trees, Rebekah suggested that we put the panels on our boat life. We were pleased with that idea, with the installation and the eventual production of the solar panels. Then again in 2017, when we decided to go fully electric, our bit in helping with climate change, we asked Rebekah to design and install a second set of solar panels over our dock. Installing solar panels over the dock was a challenge. However, we were delighted with her design and the installation of the panels. They have provided us with the additional electricity we needed as well as shade for the dock. We have enjoyed working with Rebekah. She has fully explained her designs and kept us up-to-date with the progress of the installation. She has also met all the deadlines that we agreed upon. Since the installation of the first set of solar panels in 2008 we have had absolutely no problems with the system. It has functioned perfectly as it designed to.”

- Gary J.

Purchased: 16 Sharp 208 + 16 LG315, 8.368kw Roof/ground/dock mount, Sunny BoyInverter

“I recently had Rebekah Carpenter's company Fingerlakes Renewables install a solar system at my house. Rebekah's ability to explain the process, carry through the process and stand by the finished product made this an excellent choice for me.

The work was carried out in a timely manner and delays were advised when the weather affected the process. I would feel free to recommend Rebekah and her company to anyone!”

- Sue L.

Purchased: 7.32kw Ground mount, Qcell modules and Sunny boy inverter 

“Rebekah is accurate (and affordable) in her cost estimates and prompt in getting to and finishing the installation. She responds quickly to any questions. I’d strongly recommend her for any projects that  involve solar power.”

- Timothy D.

Purchased: 17.4kw ground mount, REC modules and SunnyBoy inverters

“I was looking for someone the install a solar system on my house when I found Fingerlakes Renewables Inc. After talking with several large installers I realized that they didn’t seem to have my best interest as their top of their priority. One wanted to sell me more panels with lower amperage because they already had bought them. 

    Working with Rebekah was like making a new friend. I really like the feeling of working with a small business with low overhead that doesn’t have to pass their costs on to you. The personal connection with this one woman show is exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend Fingerlakes Renewables to anybody who wants to have  a system installed by someone who keeps you informed and shows up when she says she’s going to be there.”

- Hugh I.

“After looking at various options and considering quotes from different companies, we decided to go with Rebekah for installation of solar panels on our house this summer. After our first inquiry, she immediately scheduled a site visit, followed up with a quote shortly after that, and was able to work with our “out of town” schedule in the months that followed. She is very knowledgeable, knows the local NYSERDA folks, and installed the system on our garage roof in less than two days with a small crew of really dedicated staff. She did all the arrangements with NYSERDA, stayed in touch with us throughout. After the installation was completed, we ran into an issue with a switch, and Rebekah came over the same that we contacted her and was able to resolve it on the spot. Great service!!”

- Quirine K.

 “Rebekah and company did a great job installing solar panels on over our garage some 14 years ago. Just this summer, she took them down so we could put a new roof on and then reinstalled them. Perfect job. In record time.  We are happy!”

     - David G.