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We are changing the way you think about energy.

Fingerlakes Renewables, with our 17 years’ experience, is your source for developing customized and affordable solar electric systems for your home or business.   




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Fingerlakes Renewables lets accountability shape our work and believe that aligning our interest with our customer goals is vital to achieving their long-term needs. Our passion for installing quality solar systems encompasses a 17-year history. We're committed to fostering sustainable energy solutions while providing a focus on your bottom line.


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About Me

MY NAME IS Rebekah Carpenter

I'm a contractor's daughter, and wired my first house when I was 14 (it's totally still standing).  I love working outside, and while I'm a Carpenter by name I've always been more of an electrician by trade.
My life in solar began when I was offered the opportunity to install a system in Bamako, Mali, Africa - if I learned the trade. In the two years it took to get that system organized for the trip over I was pretty well dedicated to PV.  
The NYSERDA subsidy program was just taking off when I got back from Africa and I was part of the first round of supported installers in the organization's history, and built Fingerlakes Renewables from a materials sales business into a full service PV and small wind installation company.
I love the educational aspect of my work - I was active for more than a decade in local and regional trade/home shows.  I've traveled to trade shows at FSEC (Florida solar energy center), MREA (midwest renewable energy assocation in Wisconsin), NREL in Colorado, the Real Goods campus in Hopland, Ca. I've spent a lot of time at NYSERDA in Albany.