We are a full service consultation, design, materials supply and installation company.  Finger Lakes Renewables has been designing and installing on-grid, off-grid, and grid-tie with battery backup systems since 1999. 

We provide all necessary documents for NYSERDA subsidy, utility interconnection and permitting needs, as well as component lists for the do it yourselfers. 

We also provide a variety of other related services as well:

  • Maintenance and repairs on all other competitor installs.

  • Consult on energy conservation.

  • Building methods and ideas, on-grid/off-grid choices.

  • Install or provide small off-grid wind systems.

I work with homeowners, small businesses, agricultural endeavors, nonprofits, municipalities or renters to help determine the best steps to take - we are happy to help creatively find ways to accomplish what the customer wants.


Proud Equipment Partners